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Dear English, I have some questions:

Why do we need to say
he or she?
they both are human beings.

Can´t we have one word for both,
because I am always mixed up
saying things wrong.

 By Nilmini Weera

On Hiking

A poem on: Hiking despite one´s common sense that it would be better to just trust that the top of the mountain exists despite not standing on it myself

do people see mountains and desire to stand at their tops?

My blood boils at:
the thought of walking winding circles, water bottles in hand, to some damn lookout point.

And, no I don’t own:


Three hours, mostly single file, just to:

get there,

make declarations about the view,

snap 2 photos for facebook,

and ,

By Ish Ani

We asked our twitter followers to write a haiku to celebrate the sun (and rain) during the yyc long weekend.  This is what was written:

From @ShenalixCx:

Alarm clock turned off
Afternoon in pajamas
Long weekend Monday

From @ToddAndre

Just watching the game,
The Bruins and Tampa Bay,
Hockey at its best

From @AdamHenry78

Outside in the sun
Religion is for the weak
The rapture my ass.

From @lowqis

Slivers of sunshine
Lay across my skin, warm me
My body awakes

3 thoughts on “[Your Poem Here!]”

  1. This is a great piec of work proud to be part of it

  2. sun shower
    a twig settles in the cloud

  3. Blaine Greenwood said:

    glad to be a part of this event

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